Kaduna poly to increase departments to 63


The Kaduna Polytechnic has revealed plans to create 15 new departments to enhance its academic excellence.

With this development, the number of departments in the would grow from 48 to 63.

The Rector of the polytechnic, Idris Bugaje made this known while addressing journalists after appearing before the House of Representatives Committee on Public Accounts in Abuja on Friday.

Bugaje appeared before the committee to present audited account of the polytechnic between 2014 and 2018.

He said that the aim of creating the new departments was to make the polytechnic the largest higher institution in the country.

“When we came to Kaduna polytechnic, we came on a rescue mission, there were crisis, strikes, uncompleted sessions, loss accreditation, so we decided to do the right thing.

“So far things have stabilised, the polytechnic has spent two years now without strike, students population has increased from 17,000 to 27,000 and we are hoping to move to over 35,000 to become the largest higher institution in Nigeria.

“We are expanding and creating new departments from 48 to 63, new buildings and infrastructure are coming in, we are not waiting for the budget, we are going for extra budgetary interventions,” he said.

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Bugaje addd that 85 per cent accreditation were lost during the crisis which plagued the institution before he was made the rector.

“We have recovered all, our courses are 98 per cent accredited only two are partially accredited and we shall conclude them this year.

“My advice to all is that it is always good to give proper account here, before the bigger account in the hereafter comes.

“We should think of the bigger account because there is no way out of it, so the early you give proper account, the better.

“If there is any mistake, it can be corrected, we are all human and can make mistakes and in a subsequent account you can improve so that this country will move to the next level.”

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