IYD 2020: Just so we are ready


Like the dream of every incoming year, they come with their own prospects and expectations, upon which a lot of people plan but, to plan is man’s even when the outcome isn’t his to decide.

For the whole world, the year 2020 would go down in history as unforgettable. A year the whole world was brought to a standstill. Maybe not the first of its kind but definitely one with its uniqueness.

Just like everyone, youths around the world have been greatly affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. In Nigeria for a fact, the larger percentage of victims of the virus have been those within the youthful cadre.

The pandemic has affected the youths in so many ways, prominently, all forms of learning are now taking place online, a phenomenon that was hitherto not paid much attention. These times have helped open our eyes to the many possibilities we never imagined. These fast rising changes have called for more proactiveness, responsible leadership and management.

In line with the theme of the International Youth Day 2020; Youth Engagement for Global Action, it has become increasingly pertinent that youths take up more responsibilities in order to take charge. The tomorrow which they have always been referred to as its leaders is already here.

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No gainsaying experience and wisdom are very much required in leadership, a good mix with youth and vigour is much desired for better results. Hence, the need for more youths to be socially, politically and intellectually involved. The big question therefore is, are the youths are ready?.

Taking the mantle of leadership is never the problem but the ability to withstand responsibilities and discharge the duties that come with it. The youths need to position themselves for these to happen and not just that, they must make themselves visible to such opportunities. Earning leadership is more praiseworthy, the youths need to earn it. They need to show that they are ready for the task ahead. It is no child’s play.

At The Helpmates Youth Foundation, we raise our voice in unison with all advocates of youthful engagement in leadership around the world, on this occasion of th International World Youth Day 2020, that the youths need to rise up to their responsibilities and take charge of their own future. If we desire a future, we need to unite to live that dream.

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We will not stop in our strides to continue to empower youths and contribute our own quota to ensure that the youths are not just advocating to become leaders but are indeed worthy to be leaders.

We extend our hand of fellowship to you. Happy International Youth Day from all of us at The Helpmates Youth Foundation.

Opere, R.O
Executive Director,
The Helpmates Youth Foundation

Lateef Sanni
Communications Director,
The Helpmates Youth Foundation

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