Don proposes solar energy solution to Nigeria’s electricity generation challenge

Solar panel system

A don at the Lagos State University, Adenike Boyo has proposed the adoption of solar energy as the solution to Nigeria’s perenial electricity generation challenge.

Professor Boyo made this call at the 65th Inaugural Lecture of school titled, “The Burning and Shining Light”.

This is as she also advocated that government plays its role in promoting renewable energy in the country considering the benefits of that.

“It will always be soothing to the ear when you know you will be rewarded for generating your own electricity.

“Government subsidies will also be helpful in the importance of solar panels and other equipment that cannot be manufactured locally.

“This will support independent investors and individuals, who have interest in the energy sector,” she said.

The Director at the LASU Advancement Office added that the sun, which is the source of solar energy is in abundance in Nigeria and in it lies the solution to the growing energy challenges in the country.

Boyo said the availability of renewable energy would have a direct impact on the development of rural and urban sectors by providing numerous direct and indirect employment opportunities for Nigerians.

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She added that solar electricity generation would change the Nigerian economy from consuming to creating as well as providing Nigerians with the possibility of commercialising the usage of solar energy resources.

“Since the sun is abundant, inexhaustible and environmentally friendly. The availability of energy services has a distinct impact on the lives of the people.

“The burning and shining light – Sun, is still producing abundant energy that cannot be depleted.

“The utilisation of solar energy is important to mankind and a fabrication of the equipment is important in our nation for generation of electricity,” she said.
She also advised the government to invest more in technology through setting up of power institutions and encouraging the technology companies to develop the competence of the Nigerian power generation sector.

She noted that the standard code for solar PV system component should be developed by the Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON), in order to reduce substandard solar panels imported into the country.

The professor, however, called for an enabling environment to attract investments in the energy sector, as private sector participation is necessary because government alone cannot finance the sector.

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The event was witnessed by principal officers of the LASU management led by its Vice Chancellor, Professor Olarewaju Fagbohun, among other dignitaries and members of the public.

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