ACU student beaten to death over phone theft


A student identified as Alex has been beaten to death by his colleagues on allegations of stealing a mobile phone.

According to a source within the institution who spoke to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Saturday, the incident occurred around 10 pm on Friday when Alex was confronted by his peers after being accused of stealing the phone.

The source, who preferred anonymity, revealed that besides the theft accusation, Alex was also alleged to have made unauthorized transfers from the phone to another account.

Several video clips circulating online depict the disturbing scene of one student mercilessly beating Alex with a cane while others are heard encouraging the violence.

The anger among the students reportedly stemmed from the theft of the phone and the subsequent financial transactions made by Alex without the owner’s consent.

Tragically, Alex was discovered dead outside the hostel premises on Saturday morning, having been thrown out of the hostel the previous evening.

In response to the incident, the school administration has expelled the students involved in what they described as a “fight leading to the death of a fellow student.”

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However, ACU’s Public Relations Officer, Femi Atoyebi, clarified in a statement that there is no evidence linking the students to any cult activities. He emphasized the institution’s zero-tolerance policy towards misconduct.

Atoyebi explained that rather than reporting the alleged theft to the university authorities, the expelled students took matters into their own hands, resulting in the tragic loss of life.

The university has promptly handed over all individuals involved to the police for thorough investigation, ensuring that justice is served in this unfortunate incident.

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