ABSU student who escaped kidnap tells it all


A lady who claimed to be one of the people in the bus ambushed by some unknown gunmen along Okigwe expressway has taken to the social media to narrate how the incident happened.

Meanwhile, she took the moment to also tell the public how she was able to escape the disaster.

Abia State Government had earlier confirmed the Wednesday kidnapping of some students of the Abia State University (ABSU), by gunmen operating on the University road.

According to the statement by the State’s Commissioner for Information, Chief Okiyi Kalu, the armed gang marched the abducted students and other victims into the nearby forest, while two of the students in the bus managed to escape.

Meanwhile, the Twitter user by the name Jenny has revealed that she is one of the escapees in the incident. While narrating how the event unfolded, Jenny said it happened around 8pm or 8:30pm, when their bus was returning from the school campus.

Jenny said she had gone to the school campus to submit a project which got her delayed inside school.

She said after finishing with everything, she headed to the school gate to catch a bus to Okigwe.

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Meanwhile, she noted that the road from Uturu to Okigwe was already dark and lonely by the time their bus hit the road. But, she maintained that the road being dark and lonely wasn’t strange to her because she has passed there several times.

Then, she said the gunmen suddenly appeared from nowhere, and the driver wanted to stop but the passengers kept shouting at him to keep moving. She further stated that people started panicking and a door of the bus was forced open while some people started jumping out of the bus.

According to her, immediately she saw that 2 people have jumped out, she didn’t hesitate to follow them and started running. The bus driver later stopped because of the fear of being shot at, but she had already gone far by then.

“God gave me a second chance and I appreciate him for that.” Jenny wrote.

She prayed for all those abducted to be freed by the armed men without harming or killing them.

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