The Education Podcast returns with episode on Climate Education


After nearly two year hiatus, a fresh episode of the Education Podcast premiered Monday evening with a discussion on climate education.

The podcast episode featured Bryce Coon, the Director, Climate Education at Earth Day. Earth Day is a global event which aims to highlight the importance of protecting the environment. It takes place every year on 22 April.

Since 1970, Earth Day has been commemorated annually. Its 2024 commemoration formed an aspect of the Education Podcast episode.

Mr Coon who joined in from Florida, the United States said that climate education is about teaching young people about the causes and solutions to the climate crisis.

The guest with over a decade experience in the education sector added that climate education is not limited to science classes but should be integrated into all subjects, allowing students to understand the impact of climate change across different fields.

The podcast touched on how it could be integrated into all subjects and tailored to different age groups and demographics.

The host, Abdussalam Amoo questioned Coon on the role technology can play in enhancing climate education outreach, and its importance to address misconceptions and promote optimism.

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Mr Coon expressed belief that the future of climate education should involve embedding it into all subjects, just like technology is embedded in education now.

Watch the full video below.

This episode and subsequent ones are available on the EduCeleb YouTube channel and other podcasting platforms out there.

The Education Podcast is an initiative of EduCeleb to platform discussions on topical issues that affect stakeholders in the education sector.

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