Open letter to the student political aspirants at the Federal Polytechnic Offa


The Students’ Union election at the Federal Polytechnic, OFFA holds in June. Abdullahi Ayobami gives some pieces of advice to aspirants at the departmental, faculty and university level.

Permit me to bestow some bunches of encomiums and accolades on every political aspirant over their courage to have voluntarily aspired, participated and paddled the affairs of the students at the various levels.

As a matter of fact, I refer all aspirants as wise men. Abraham Lincoln once said: “When a wise man has refused to participate under the government of his people, he will perpetually suffer under the government being ruled by the fools”.

To be candid, I commend the altruistic traits that catalyze you all to serve the fellow students. May God reward you all according to the intention you have for the betterment of the students, the management and our great and priceless citadel of learning.

Without making this letter devoid of interest and to avoid beating around the bush, I hereby write to insight, enlighten, and advise all aspirants on the coming students election at the various levels.

It is no more a news that sooner or later before this semester becomes a thing of past, elections will hold in our citadel of learning whereby new sets of people will be elected to paddle and pilot the affairs at the various level.

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Impressively, medleys of campaigns and awareness have commenced by different aspirants on the e-world, and perhaps, interpersonally so as to actualise and fructify their political ambitions.

Our great citadel is known for tranquility and a sanctum realm and we must sustain the image by staying calm like a dead sea.

You mustn’t malign a fellow aspirant vying for the same position in a way that would be nocent (injurious) to their reputation. It is not expected of a leader to bamboozle followers by clamouring for peace and dining with vice.

Obviously, people refer politics as a dirty game but it is expected of a contemporary politician like you to be the detergent that would restructure the system.

It is a welcome idea to be tenacious in chasing a dream but it would be too bad of an aspirant to be desperate and atrocious to his fellow contestants in a way that will lace other’s hearts with a deep, gloomy melancholy and enmesh them to a life time predicament; your agenda shouldn’t invent the trait of Lucifer in you, therefore making it a platform for destruction or what will hinder the affection and fission the love that long exist in your mist.

You should remember that life itself is ephemeral and its gaiety isn’t perpetual; the fact that, the odds be not be in your favour doesn’t mean you are a loser but it only makes you stronger and widen your horizon because it is an experience which is said to be the best teacher.

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A thinker once said: “it is good when things goes the way you planned it; but it is even better when it doesn’t because it makes you stronger and serve as an addendum to your experience.”

Even if you are favoured, like the ebbing of a candle flame struck by a wind is definitely the way you will say a farewell to the office when your tenure expires.

Moreover, this should jingle in your heart that humans are like pens and their traits are like ink that prepared history of everyone for the posterity to read. You shouldn’t betray the trust of the students and management if emerged into your dreamed offices; for history will never forget to record your tales for the posterity.

I implore you to desert the trait of loose cannon whose government is a replica of kakistocracy.

“The first method for estimating the intelligence of a ruler is to look at the men he has around him.” -Niccolo Machiavelli.

You must strive possibly to ensure peace with people around you after being voted into office mindless of the party or movement that brought you to your aspired offices.

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Things fall apart and the centre failed to hold and Nigeria of today wallows in deleterious melancholy since the day love, peace and unity have no iota of space in our country.

Either you are a neophyte or veteran in school of politics, it is noteworthy that the position you aspire for doesn’t have any acknowledgement on your certificate for the sleepless night and the candles you burnt in the course of studying would reflect indirectly on your certificate.

Therefore, your primary assignment is the pivot upon which other activities are built.

“If you failed to make hay at the right time, you may end up late making life of no impact”.- Africa.

Finally, you and your fellow contestants are not enemies and you mustn’t be. Though, passion may have strained but you shouldn’t allow it to put bound into your affection; let this jingle in your heart as coins jungle in a pocket.

God bless Nigeria, Kwara State, Federal Polytechnic Offa, its Management and Students.

Aluta Continua!

Victoria ascerta!

Your sincerely,

By: Africa (The Crying Pen)

Abdullah Ayobami with the sobriquet, Africa (The Crying Pen) is of the department whose motto is Pen, skills and professionalism.

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