Only 87 Nigerian universities have 24 hour Wi-Fi service


Only 87 of Nigeria’s 170 universities are able to offer up to 24 hour Wi-Fi service.

The closure of schools to limit the spread of the novel Coronavirus, otherwise called COVID-19, has sparked debates on the ability of Nigerian universities to offer learning online.

A major component of measuring this capacity is the number of Wi-Fi hours each university has.

Wi-Fi connection is very important in learning and research across all levels of education. obtained data from the National Universities Commission (NUC) detailing how much Nigerian universities are capable in this respect.

On a basis of ownership, universities owned by private entities in Nigeria are the ones able to provide internet access to their staff and students 24 hours daily more with 58.6 percent of them able to do so.

They are followed by federal universities where 58.1 percent could offer internet service for 24 hours as well.

In state universities, just 38.6 percent of them are able to offer 24 hours daily internet service.

Furthermore, 18 universities are able to provide internet service for between 15 and 23 hours daily.

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Those that can provide between between 8 and 14 hours are 36 others. Fourteen other universities are able to offer wi-fi services for between 2 and 7 hours daily.

However, five universities either have no record how many hours open to air internet service they can provide.

It should be noted that the data may not necessarily reflect the current state of the universities during the COVID-19 lockdown as most schools have been shut.

In a few of them operational, very few academic staff are on campus with each academic and student having to use their personal data subscription in the event that they currently continue learning online at this time. had reported that Kaduna State University, Lagos State University, the First Technical University, Ibadan; the Coal City University, Enugu; the Federal Polytechnic Ilaro and a few others already resumed their academic sessions online amidst the lockdown.

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