Join EduCeleb Education Discourse on Telegram

Nigeria’s leading education website, is glad to invite our  audience to join the Education Discourse group on Telegram. It is in continuation of our efforts at promoting and celebrating education.

The Education Discourse is meant for stakeholders in the education sector to deliberate on matters vital to education in general. We see it becoming an extension of our fastest growing go-to platform for every issue pertinent to education.

Who can join?

Everyone who fits into the category of student, educator,  school administrator, parent, and friends of educationists is invited to join.

How to join?

Interested persons in joining the Education Discourse group should have a Telegram app installed on their mobile phone. If they already do, they could click on the link to join others there. It’s available at

Rules of the Group

The following rules shall apply for whoever joins the Education Discourse.

  1. The group OPENS for chat at 5am and CLOSES at 11pm GMT everyday.
  2. ONLY posts relevant to the education sector shall be allowed.
  3. The content the group shall be a combination of textual, audio, visual and audiovisuals, where necessary.
  4. Posts reflecting the denigration of persons on account of their gender, race, religion or other diversities in personality are strongly discouraged. DON’T use abusive or insulting expressions at all!
  5. We encourage group members to CONTRIBUTE to discussions as much as they could. Problem solving contributors make the group lively.
  6. We shall be having GUEST PRESENTERS to regularly discuss germane topics related to various strata of education. Be prepared to welcome them. Announcements would be made ahead of such instances.
  7. Unnecessary disturbance is prohibited. Chain messages, dirty jokes and irrelevant pictures are strongly discouraged.
  8. Any third party’s content shared should be accompanied by the author’s name. It’s important you know the source of the content you share.
  9. Any post indicative of sharing of contact details and adverts must be FIRST endorsed by the Admin. This also applies to broadcasts at each instance.
  10. Due to the diversity of members here, we encourage only posts written in English. Any use of other languages would have to be translated into English by the poster.
  11. Clarity is of essence when we post. Write the way you want to be understood.

Rule Violation

Violators of any of the above rules risk SUSPENSION or outright REMOVAL from the group.

Anyone who feels he had been unjustly removed can chat up with the administrator(s) privately to appeal such a decision.


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Contact us

For further information and updates relevant to the education sector, contact us through the following mediums.

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We look forward to a rewarding experience for every member of the Education Discourse group.

Let’s promote and celebrate education together!


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