Everyone can master mathematics – Expert


A mathematician has motivated every student out there on the possibility of mastery in mathematics.

Mr Modiu Olaguro who was a guest on the Education Podcast premiered earlier this week shared a personal story of how he developed interest in mathematics after taking time to concentrate on it.

He noted that puzzles and games provide rich experiences for students to think critically, solve problems, and build social relationships. They can help students contextualize math and make it more engaging.

The PhD candidate at the Virginia Tech spoke of collaboration and involvement of parents and peers as crucial in making math learning fun and effective. He added that teachers can collaborate with other subjects’ teachers and professionals to create meaningful connections between math and real-life contexts.

Teachers were also admonished to connect math to real-world applications, students’ career aspirations, and social justice issues.

On the role of technology, he added that it plays a significant role in math education, providing access to virtual manipulatives, online resources, and interactive experiences that enhance understanding and enjoyment of math concepts.

The Education Podcast episode also touched on respecting diversity in math education, making math relevant to students’ interests and future goals is essential for their engagement and enjoyment.

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Watch the full video below.

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