How to catch randy lecturers who demand sex for grades


By Jeff Unaegbu

The problem is the unnecessary fear some students have.

These days of pen camcorders and mini tape recorders, I find it exasperating that female students will allow themselves to be harassed by randy lecturers.

Is it that their brains go blank during the harassment or that the lecturers use hypnotism or what?

It is so easy to nail a randy lecturer. Let me give you simple tips.

How to catch randy lecturers

Record phone conversations

Immediately he calls you on phone and begins to tell you he wants to have sex with you or any other incriminating evidence, you simply record the phone conversation. Build this evidence over time and he is good as gone within weeks, when you present the recording of his randy voice to the school authorities or even to your parents or husband.

Get a secret camera

A pen camcorder is sold by electronic shops. You can buy one for as low as 7000 Naira. Just hang it on your breast pocket as you go to his office. All his randiness will go into video,even as he is boasting that you will not graduate unless you shift your panties.

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Record lectures

When you go to lectures, form the habit of recording lectures with mini tape recorders. Surely, one drunk lecturer will come to class and boast that no one passes his course. Get that foolish talk on tape or video and post on twitter, facebook and instagram. As soon as you do this, the amount of calls that will come into the phones of the school authorities that employed him are enough to chase him out of that school.

In the event of possible rape..

If you are already in a dangerous situation and you know you are about to be raped:

Pretend to ease yourself

Pretend that you want to ease yourself. Ask him earnestly to allow you ease yourself. As soon as you get into his office convenience, lock yourself in and call someone for help.

Use a phone locator

Put a phone locator app on your phone and sync its code with the phone of someone who can rescue you if you are kidnapped or trapped. Where ever that phone goes, the rescuer will be able to see its movement through his phone. Google Phone Locator.

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Use pepper spray

Buy a pepper spray. Use it on the face of a Randy lecturer. Be careful and quick so that he doesn’t snatch it and use it on you.

Buy a taser

Buy a taser. Use it on the body of a Randy lecturer. Be careful and quick so that he doesn’t snatch it and use it on you.

Record live

Go on facebook live or go on record anyhow as it is about to happen. Even if we are not seeing faces because of the struggle going on, we will hear the sound of the action, that is, your pleas and struggles to go free and his beastly voice as he holds you. This is the big evidence that will nail him in court.

Report to the hospital

If you are raped already, go immediately to a hospital so that with a swap stick, they will save the evidence of his sperm on you. Take a PEP treatment to prevent HIV.

You have all these weapons as a female student, why then are you afraid? You shouldn’t fear your lecturer. As a matter of fact, HE SHOULD FEAR YOU.

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