Attend the MICA Career and Business Fair this November in Lagos


The Movement for Islamic Cultural Awareness (MICA) is set to hold its Career and Business Fair this November in Lagos. Its theme is “The power of you, creating a pathway to success”.

Executive Secretary of MICA, AbdulRasheed Babalola, told on Thursday that the programme was in line with building the capacities of graduates, individuals in businesses and those unemployed.

“Our target audience are young professionals who have graduated from school. Universities turn out new sets of graduates annually. Unfortunately, we don’t ensure that those graduates have the necessary skills. At that, they don’t have the necessary skills to make them employable,” Babalola said.

He further identified that the fair is in two facets to cater for those in careers and businesses, as may be applicable.

“The Career and Business Fair is to take young professionals in the direction of the things that they need to learn so that they can become employable,” he continued.

“The Career Fair is for those who want to work. It would provide them with the necessary skills to keep them ahead of others. The Business Fair is for those who are already self-employed, who want to make a living out of their businesses,” he added. 

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The Fair would hold 10am on all Sundays this November at Crescent Schools located in 1004 Estates, Victoria Island, Lagos. Attendance is open to all, irrespective of their religious affiliations.

MICA was founded in 1994. Since inception, as a non-profit making religious organisation. According to its website, the group came into being as an antidote to the contemporary social-cultural problems facing Muslims in the corporate world. 

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