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Registration is ongoing for the 7th/2022 edition of SPELL&THRILL!

This SPELL&THRILL! competition of Educand Education Initiative (EEI) is a spelling and digital literacy competition.

The past six editions of the UNESCO endorsed contest has had a combined participation of more than 25,000 contestants from over 5000 primary and secondary schools across eight (8) states of Nigeria since the competition’s inception in the year 2012.

To mark the 10th anniversary of SPELL&THRILL! competition and in line with her vision and goals, EEI has decided to take SPELL&THRILL! up to the national level.

The 2022 edition will have the participation of students from 25 states, the FCT and 10 IDP camps for the 7th/2022 edition. Schools and parents can register their candidates online via www.educand.org by clicking on the enrol button

EEI is an education focused, community development Non Governmental Organisation with the UNESCO endorsed SPELL&THRILL! intervention competition and UNESCO Media and Information Literacy (MIL) After-School-Clubs as its flagship projects.

EEI’s flagship projects are set out to promote the improvement of literacy, self awareness, ability to thrive under pressure and the overall broadening of the knowledge scope of children of primary and secondary school age while also tutoring them about the dangers of fake news, terrorism as well as hate speech.

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The competition which is put together for primary and secondary schools in Nigeria will be in three (3) stages namely; State, Regional and National.

The national contest will be televised live and more than N20 million in scholarship funds and rewards will be won across these stages.

We strongly believe that the SPELL&THRILL! competition will continue to bridge the gap of nosedived educational quality in Nigeria.

Registration for the competition which was slated to end by 31st May, 2022 has now been extended till 15th July, 2022 while all the stages of the competitions will now take place by October, 2022. These extensions is to afford the active participation of more schools, parents and teachers. The time is now!


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